Safety policy for environment and occupational health:

•Observance of laws and regulations is the fundamental principle of enterprise. Our company shall abide by the laws, regulations and other requirements related to quality, environment and occupational health safety.

•Our company is courageous enough to practice new conception, makes an effective use of natural resources, uses new technologies and new materials and provides green, environmental-friendly products to reduce pollution and risk.

•The harmful chemicals of products and materials comply with the laws of various countries and users’ requirements.

•Our company adopts preventive and control measure, and makes effort in reducing pollutants discharge and reducing and minimizing risk on personal injury and personnel and property loss.

•Our company provides healthy, suitable and safe work atmosphere and excellent education and training to raise our employees’ awareness and ability in environment and occupational health and safety and to encourage the personal development of our employees.

Quality policy:

Expand the market and pursue the customers’ satisfaction all the time;

Raise quality and continuously improve quality system;